Eclipse Specialty Coffee was founded in 2009. Doors were first opened on Flinders Lane in a cosy little spot at the rear entrance to the InterContinental Hotel. We enjoyed 10 years there with scores of talented people working there for a time. Although we wish we could have stayed there forever, we made the hard decision to move to Docklands at the end of 2018. We now have a beautiful new space at 710 Collins Street at the entrance to the Goods Shed North. While the space at Flinders Lane was dark and industrial, our new home is almost it's antithesis with high ceilings, bright natural light and lots of space! But one thing certainly hasn't changed... we still serve up AMAZING coffee!

We have carefully selected our suppliers and partners to bring you only the very best quality products!

Local coffee roasters who have been in the business since the 90s know their coffee. They have won gold medals in the Australian International Coffee awards as well as the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The dedicated caffeine addicts at San Pedro carefully select the finest quality Arabica beans from regions across the globe and put them together in the best blends to make your delicious cup of coffee worth coming back for day after day. We bring you their mid to dark roast, Super X, with cup notes of berry and hazel that enhance a rich caramel-choc-like finish. This richer roasting style ensures full flavour through milk. For a more nuanced flavour we offer.

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Melbournians love espresso coffee. But filter or pour-over coffee is enjoying a renaissance. So you might ask then “what is the differences between espresso and filter coffee”? Espresso is made under high pressure with a typical ratio of 1 part coffee grounds to 2 parts water. Batch brewing and pour-over methods involve low-pressure brewing and are usually more in the range of 1 part coffee to approximately 16 parts water. Filter coffee has a lighter mouthfeel with more subtle and nuanced flavour as a result. Our batch brew and pour-over coffee is made with San Pedro’s single origin Kayumbu filter roast made from Rwandan beans that has cup notes of wild berries, jammy stonefruit, peach acidity & and heavy body. We have the batch brewer on if you are in a rush and want to grab your coffee for take away, but to enjoy the experience of pour-over with a friend or two we also offer a dine-in experience where we will bring the brew to the table for you.

If you prefer an ice-cold coffee, ask for our cold drip. Our cold drip coffee is brewed over approximately 8 hours and the ratio now changes to approximately 1 part coffee to 8 parts water. The slower time for brewing allows for extraction of the oils and caffeine from the coffee ground, which helps to preserve the flavour and rich body but simultaneously reduces the acidity and bitterness. Have it black for all the rich flavours or add a dash of milk or ice cream if you’re feeling a little decadent!

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Anushka Chai

Hand crafted in the Macedon Ranges, Anushka Chai have created a delicious chai with the perfect balance of flavour and spices. Their liquid brew is 100% handcrafted and made fresh each week. Their approach is to put as much thought and care into every ingredient in every batch that they make... and it shows! 

Each of the spices react in different ways once added to the brew so the Anushka team add them in stages to get the best balance of strength, sweetness and spice. The only additional ingredient that they add to the brew is organic coconut blossom sugar, making each batch suitable for low sugar, and vegan diets. Once brewed they strain off all of the raw spices, bottle up the brew and deliver it straight to the store. From here all the barista needs to do is add milk and texture to make a super delicious chai latte that you’ll love!

If you're a chai lover and you haven't had Anushka Chai yet, you are seriously missing out! We also have some bottles and sticky chai from Anushka on sale in our retail section so you can brew this up at home too!

Almond Milk Company

Handmade in Melbourne, this almond milk is to die for! No additives, preservatives or pesticides. Almond Milk Co. almond milk is free from gluten, dairy, and soy, but is made from sustainably and locally sourced almonds. The almonds are activated, and then blended with filtered water, dates and a pinch of natural sea salt. The result is a naturally sweetened, raw almond milk that is of the highest quality and you can taste it!

Happy Happy Soy Boy

This soy milk is made in Japan with only the best quality non-GMO soy beans. The beans are steeped in filtered water and simmered gently before being ground and filtered to produce a smooth, light tasting soy milk. No preservatives, no artificial flavours or colours, no kombu. Free from gluten, and vegan-friendly.

Minor Figures

Focused on producing a 100% plant-based milk substitute that doesn't compromise flavour, quality or innovation, Minor Figures have developed and oat milk especially with baristas in mind! With a smooth foam, clean taste and no added sugar it is a perfect companion to coffee.  


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YES! We cater too!


Whether you are having business meetings, office morning teas, luncheons or a party, we have plenty of catering options available!

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